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I have had many sessions with Shenoah Dixon over the past few years.  She is a person I highly value as a healer and therapist in the healing arts.  She has led me through many layers and levels of healing and experience and I keep coming back to her.  Her non-judgmental way of relating to me and other clients helps so much to augment the healing process in opening the heart in all the levels.  As a Hospice R.N. and practitioner of the psychic and healing arts myself, I believe many people would benefit from Shenoah's work and connection to Spirit.  
Peggy O'Neil, R.N.
Boulder, CO
I have been receiving bodywork and energetic healing from Shenoah Dixon for several years now.  Our work has centered on both physical body issues, such as neuro-muscular pain or illness, as well as work to support and promote spiritual advancement.  We have worked together on a regular basis, as frequently as weekly, depending on the level of activity and need.  Our recent work has been primarily centered on the increasing movement toward spiritual awakening on the planet, as it is manifested through our individual experiences.
      Shenoah's depth of understanding in the many facets of healing modalities is quite impressive.  She emulates the qualities of a shaman who embodies the spirit and dedication to her clients that supports them in their healing and opening.  She is dedicated and well grounded and her intuitive abilities complement her work.
Stephen A. Rosen
Boulder, Colorado
I have had the opportunity to experience several energy sessions from Shenoah Dixon over the course of the last few years.  Shenoah has a unique ability to tap into just the right frequency and tools that are needed for each individual client.  I have noticed that each time she has worked on me, she has given me a new sense of perspective and very tangible results that have strengthened my own ability to heal.  I trust Shenoah's work and her integrity is her guiding light.  I know that she has helped me and others to experience many transformations not only from a physical level but on a spiritual level that helps each person to feel empowered in their own right.
      I have watched her grow as a person and as a professional energy practitioner and am always impressed at her ability to be flexible, compassionate, respectful and non-judgmental of everyone she works with and encounters.  Shenoah is a responsible practitioner and can be relied upon in any situation to do what is best for her clients while maintaining clear boundaries for herself.  I highly recommend Shenoah and her talents.
Lonni Finneran, Counselor
Boulder, CO
I have had several sessions with Shenoah Dixon over the last year, and  feel she comes from her heart and has the ability to hold a healing space for others that is not only unlimited, but reaches beyond most healers I have received work from over many years.  She has the ability to engage people quickly and quick-assess appropriateness of healing needed and the approaches most comfortable on an individual basis.  
      I feel Shenoah is a brave warrior spirit that is needed in these times of great change on the planet, and her intention to assist on these levels is honored by myself and many healers I know.  She is a healer's healer, and because of this, I am coordinating a class for her to teach some of her work to advanced healers that I also with with, to expand their capabilities.
Carol Kats, LSW, Intuitive Counselor
Chicago, IL
I'm not sure I can explain exactly what Shenoah does or how she does it, but I can say she is wonderful!  Shenoah does a combination of energy work, massage, and healing with me.  Her approach is gentle, understanding and permissive.  She intuitively knows how to lead you to discovering and expressing the feelings which are blocking your health, both mentally and physically.  I was so relieved after working with Shenoah - I felt light and happiness and freedom from the load I had been carrying.  Thank you, Spirit, for speaking to Shenoah, and thank you, Shenoah, for listening and helping me.
Joan Baccino,
Louisville, CO
Shenoah blessed me with immediate relief from a painful sciatic nerve imbalance.  Her gentle energy work is a wonderful experience!
Janet Lee Meisinger
Boulder, CO
Shenoah has an incredible gift as a healer.  Her kind and gentle spirit makes the healing journey a safe process.  I have in the past and will continue to recommend her to my friends.
Clare Curtin
Longmont, CO

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