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Now available in Chicago and in Colorado
De-clutter your home and office now for a better flow of health and abundance in your life

Natural healing services and educational opportunities for members and community.

Past-life regression, Bowen/NST and Horstmann Techniques, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, the glorious sounds of Crystal Bowls.  All from Karla Mahanna.

Therapeutic massage and bodywork with an Intuitive Approach.  Angela Crisafulli, LMT, invites you to Experience Serenity!

Free Listings, Expo Guide, E-mailings, Business Card Ads, Sacred Travel Newsletter, Referrals

A listing of qualified Healing Arts Practitioners.

Don “Orfeo” Rechtman, a composer of classical and new age music.

Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Professional Psychic/Tarot Reader, Guided Hypnotherapy CDs, Articles, Email Workshops, Writing Resources

Pam Severance provides energetic healing and intuitive counseling, plus her own method of home and environmental clearings.

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Services   |   About Shenoah   |   Happenings   |   Kudos   |   Contact   |   Links