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Now available in Chicago and in Colorado
De-clutter your home and office now for a better flow of health and abundance in your life

Expand Your Heart As You Open To Your Light!
Come and relax, deepen, and reconnect with your Self through an intuitive, heart-based approach supporting realignment, empowerment and possibility. This translates into a greater ability to express your purpose, unique talents and gifts, and experience more profound joy as you live through your heart.
Be in the moment and surrender as you experience one or more of the following:
 Revitalizing and Oh-So-Nurturing
If you feel like your whole body needs a tune up, if your muscles are sore and stressed, then it is time for a nurturing massage, which may include deep tissue, Swedish, and other techniques. Massage aids in restoring normal muscle tone, reduces stress, and produces a sense of well-being. By increasing the flow of energy, massage balances the entire nervous system, helping to release physical and emotional disharmony. Therapeutic-grade essential oils are used to further enhance balance and healing.
 A Gentle Loving! Way to Promote Healing
Would you like to loosen up blocked energy, promote a state of total relaxation, and experience a state of unity with the harmony of the Universe? Try a Reiki session! Reiki is an ancient form of hands-on healing that harnesses the Universal Life Force, which is pure unconditional love. This energy is channeled and integrated into your body and energy field to provide whatever is most needed and beneficial at that particular time.
 You'll Feel Energized and Balanced
Are you moving through physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual issues and want greater clarity and peace of mind? Try Healing Touch, an energy-based approach to healing whose goal is to restore harmony and balance in the energy system, allowing you greater ability to self-heal.
 A Powerful and Relaxing Experience
This is a non-invasive, light-touch technique used to guide the body back to balance. It is often experienced as a releasing of tension, stress, mind, and conscious thought, leading to total relaxation. This is a wonderful tool which "listens" to your body's internal rhythm and enhances the restoration and maintenance of health.
 Connect to Your Life Purpose
Are you interested in renewing your life purpose, and a feeling of being connected to that purpose? Life purpose is directly related to the awakening of the soul energy. As Axiatonal lines (circuitry patterns) are drawn energetically, it deeply soothes the body, increases your magnetic vitality, and improves your ability to think clearly and experience life to a higher degree.
 An Empowerment and Activation
This process facilitates the opening of the fourteen chakras, including the Diamond Light of the Creator, the I Am That I Am. As these higher energies come through your body, they will increase your frequency of vibration higher than the fifth dimension, which is a state of knowingness.
 Animals as Messengers & Guides
Do you have a question which you would like the wondrous animal kingdom to respond to?
Would you like to know which animal would like to support you on your path at this time as your "Power Animal"?  I will journey for you to receive guidance from these realms.

Distance (remote) healing is always available.  Call for more information.

One Hour Session $50.00
1-1/2 Hour Session $65.00
CALL SHENOAH AT 303/449-3255

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